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    Identify your personal values

    What are values ? Do you know your values ? They are the reference points that motivate you and allow you to make decisions in accordance with your personality. They are your compass to chart your life path and be its captain. For example, the freedom to be myself is very important to me. As soon as someone tries to force me to do things according to rules that are too codified, my need to express myself feels oppressed and I find it difficult to hold back my desire to rebel. This value can be found in every area of my life. For example, I practice English boxing and foot/fist boxing because…

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    The life path of Princess Little Pea

    The meaning of my life Starting a family is very important to me. I always wanted to have a beautiful love story and a happy family. My plan was to fall in love with my sweetheart, love him forever, marry him, find in him a partner for life, have children together, grow up with them and then grow old surrounded by those I love, in simple and sober comfort. This is my dream, my motivation and my guide to touching and eternal moments, and a heart forever filled with dreams and love ! This is what I wish to live in my life, and this is the meaning I wish to…

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    The 100 day challenge

    Do you know the Lilou Macé 100-day challenge? The principle is simple: you set goals you would like to achieve, you decide on a date to start the challenge, and you commit to doing your best to achieve them for the next 100 days! December 18, 2015 was the date I started my first 100 day challenge. I had been struggling for two years with difficult challenges, and I really couldn’t take it anymore. They didn’t fit my choices and were unfairly imposed on me. I got stuck in negative resentments, my heart filled with explosive emotions. How to get out of this was out of the question for me,…