Let’s talk about Treasure (2023)

The treasure: my personal memories and experiences

I spoke to you here about the reasons why this site was created in 2019. Some will find that this site looks like a personal diary and they are not wrong since it is above all a testimony site personal where writing played a therapeutic role in my personal reconstruction. This site is therefore clearly not a place to air my dirty laundry in public. I speak from experience, mine. My experiences have allowed me to grow, evolve, flourish and love myself. It is a place of sharing and kindness and I hope that visitors will find something useful in the corner of their computer through my philosophy of life, which I have named “The Magic of Another World”.

Remember: Life is full of mysteries

  • Be responsible for your life
  • Team up with life (experience beautiful synchronicities)
  • Transform like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly
  • Take the time to live

To be in my place

This year, I turned 46 and I find that it is also a pivotal stage in my life path. The last two years have been a very difficult time.

Life pushed me to clean up every sphere of my life by force of circumstances through: a romantic breakup during confinement, the twin flame journey, legal trials, therapies, social investigations, family tensions, and finally a redundancy!

And fortunately I received the most beautiful gifts from life, I experienced beautiful synchronicities, butterflies came to brighten up my path of life. I discovered the joy of having a pet, our cat Capucine. I have reached my completeness. I have the feeling of living my second life, with fewer wounds and fears, like a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly. I am surrounded by wonderful friends and found good health and wellness professionals to whom I am filled with gratitude.

With this return to myself, I felt for the first time in my place, at home. I have learned new skills to better handle difficult situations because often, it reveals the unhealed wounds and fears of my inner child. It’s good to be the captain of your ship, but I realized that it is essential to be responsible for your actions otherwise you become a very toxic person towards yourself and towards others. There will always be aggressive people that I come across on my life path and you can’t please everyone. Faced with them, I learned to temper my ardor but I admit that it was very difficult to accept that I could be a problem for others by fully incarnating myself. It taught me to let go and try to keep a positive mindset by not letting myself get upset by unpleasant and uncontrollable events that could take over my inner weather.

How to be fully yourself?

If you want to work on yourself, to be fully who you are and you don’t know where to start. I suggest you read these three books. This will give you a great shortcut to fully being who you are! These books are a gem, rich and very complete.

  • It’s decided, I’m changing my life – One click is enough! by Mathieu Vénisse
    The keys to amorous intelligence by Florentine d’Aulnois-Wang
    Listen: your heart speaks to you! Dialogue in the inner world of Emilie Labourdette
  • I end my article with this beautiful quote from Gandhi:

Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.

I hope that you too, dear visitor, will find what you are looking for here. If you liked this site, a little comment will always be a pleasure, it motivates me and encourages me to improve and move forward. Don’t hesitate to write to me if you have any questions or ideas that you think might be helpful to me or others 🙂

Good visit !

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