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    The five love languages by Gary Chapman (1992)

    I already talked about this book on my blog when I was in a relationship with Nounours. My relationship with Nounours was a beautiful self-discovery because for the very first time I felt loved in my full authenticity. His love and care for my daughters and me filled us with joy and love. I realize how important it is to know how you feel loved and how the other feels loved. I didn’t know what it was like to love and receive so much love from the other person because I had only known toxic love relationships before. Nounours didn’t know about this book, but his attentiveness made him understand…

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    Eat 2 – Des Morts et des Vivants (Of The Dead and the Living )

    I really liked the first book of Gille Lartigot. That’s why I asked for volume 2 “Of the Dead and the Living – Chronicles of a Toxic Society. I find the title striking. It illustrates well the idea of a human being who is disconnected and distant from the fundamentals of life, and therefore cannot live it fully. I love the author’s tone which is not demoralizing despite the seriousness of the issues he raises. Every day I read a chapter. The content is easy to read with powerful words to give us food for thought and invites us to seek our own truth. Questions within reach of children, to…