Why this site ?

« Children are treasures to their parents. »
– Papa Phong

From my father, to me

I admire my father a lot. A man who could do anything with his hands. Looking back, I realized that I knew very little about him, about who he really was. But now that he is dead, it’s too late to change that… My father was not talkative, and he remained very secretive until his death. The fact that he went to war undoubtedly had something to do with it. Still, I can’t ask him any more questions.

These secrets that he took with him, his thoughts, his feelings, his personality, his love, they are a bit of his treasure, buried somewhere. Today, his memory is for me a map that leads to a new treasure, mine, me.

Indeed, frustrated at not knowing my father’s story, and after wondering about him, about his past, and about who he was in the eyes of others, I finally came to consider that the treasure is ourselves, our personal history, an inconsiderate wealth.

Thanks to this site, I want to allow everyone to find the treasure buried within ourself, to understand who they are, and to feel how precious and enriching this knowledge is to them.

Real nuggets from me

I really like epistolary correspondence, because these writings are pieces of my life, pieces of me that I spend time putting down on paper to share. I believe that these traces are much truer and much more faithful than what can be written on public and disposable social networks.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not always very good with words, which is what pushed me to look for other modes of expression. I turned to drawing which had always attracted me, and I discovered a hidden talent and I stuck to it. In fact, drawing was for me a way to heal my wounds by recounting them again, in drawing, this time with the possibility of expressing what I felt, without being blocked by the situation.

For a long time I had the impression of being deprived, of having nothing, and in particular, of having nothing to pass on to my daughters. So, certainly, I don’t have a lot of money to pass on to them, but I believe that I still have something more precious for them.

This is how this idea was born to put down on paper the content, the synthesis of my many experiences and the personal development that I have undertaken. All these life experiences are tools that have allowed me to know myself better, and without prejudging what they are or will become, they can be tools for them too.

Know each other sincerely, love each other

Today, I know a little better where I am in my life, what I want to do, why, how. I know how to recognize people who hurt me and are harmful to me, those who help me, those who love me. I know how to identify which of my projects suit me, or which are passing fads. I feel like I’m in tune with myself and living life to the fullest. Also, I believe that I am living a life that I will not regret when I die.

Who am I, honestly? I do not wish to enter into a game of seduction, neither of my readers, nor of myself, which would not serve me at all. On the contrary, the starting point of all this work is to know your qualities and your faults in complete sincerity with yourself, in order to be able to respect and love yourself!

Here is the battle plan:

  • To know itself
  • Loving yourself
  • Change the world

I am not trying to convince you that this path is the right one, nor am I claiming it.

I started loving myself at 40. It was only at this age that I understood that my relationship with myself had until now been dictated by family patterns, difficult environments and other setbacks, but never the fruit of my feelings. .

When I began to love myself, I became aware of the infinite extent of my possibilities. I regained self-confidence, I began to better identify as tools the different reflections that help me on a daily basis to move towards a life that suits me.

At school, we don’t learn to love ourselves. I don’t want my daughters to only start loving themselves at 40. This site is therefore my testimony, a legacy that I leave to them in the hope that it will help them to love themselves as it has allowed me to do.