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    The Whynote reusable notepad

    I’ve been using the ideal notebook since 2018 and it perfectly meets all my expectations. I am still in love with this notebook for three reasons: It is economical: I no longer need to use small sheets of paper to write my notes and ideas that I throw away once they are used. Now I just erase! It works like a whiteboard. To find my way around the pages, I put pretty heart-shaped or cherry blossom-shaped paper clips on it and they act as bookmarks. It is practical because it accompanies me wherever I go. You can even detach the sheets if you don’t want to take the whole notebook.…

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    Free software and free culture

    Our computers have been running the free GNU/Linux operating system for 6 years now. Have you heard of it? I discovered it thanks to my ex-Hacker. I was quickly seduced by this free culture. It’s amazing to see that there is a lot of software, free and on totally free systems, which are just as efficient as their windows versions, and which meet my needs perfectly. So when my ex-hacker offered to install this system for me one day, I immediately accepted. I had the following reasons in mind: I wanted to eradicate once and for all the unwanted intrusions of viruses and visual pollution. I didn’t like investing in…

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    Washable sanitary towels

    That was five years ago, I had to count every euro and re-prioritise my spending (although I’ve never been a spendthrift as I’m not very consumer minded). My first thought was about disposable sanitary towels, as I had been feeling guilty for months about throwing away panty liners that were often only slightly stained at the beginning and end of my period. I thought it was a shame to have to throw them away, what a waste! So the idea of having to buy tons of sanitary towels for my daughters for their first period did not appeal to me at all. So naturally I looked for a solution to…