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    Encanto (2021)

    It was my oldest daughter who introduced me to this Disney cartoon that we watched together. And it always makes me happy that she wants to watch it with me. The word Encanto is a Spanish word that means “Charm” or “Enchantment” and then Abuela means Grandma and Casita means “Little House”. These are words that you will hear often. This is the story of the fantastic Madrigal family that lives in an enchanted house (Casita) in the village Encanto. This enchanted village was born after a tragedy suffered by the Abuela Madrigal: her husband was killed in a war leaving her and her three children battered. This moment gave…

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    Future Boy Conan (1978)

    [TV Series] « Mirai Shōnen Conan » – 26 épisodes (1978) I saw this old Hayao Miyazaki anime again and still love it ! Personally I think it hasn’t aged too much and I had a good time. Further the topics are always up to date ! Of course I introduced my daughters to this anime when they were little, and each time it reminds me of the sound of their childish laughter. Mimi gave her opinion… : That’s too good, the kids are too cute ! Conan is too strong. Gimpsy is funny, he zoos, he is more better, he is the best ! Conan’s quest The land and the sea are destroyed by the 3rd…

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    Grave of The Fireflies (1988)

    The transience of life This is an animated film inspired by the autobiographical book “The Tomb of the Fireflies” by Nosaka Akiyuki, whose story takes place during wartime. The title says it all: “The Tomb of the Fireflies”. In Japanese culture, fireflies represent the souls of the dead and are a symbol of the transience of life. The beginning of the film is memorable and moving. I found the appearance of Setsuko’s spirit as the box of fruit candies (containing her bones) is thrown away to be a thing of beauty. I was seduced and moved by this moment of magic: lights flickering, they are fireflies in the darkness of…