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City Hunter (2024)

Finally ! The real City Hunter!

It was about time that Japan started making a live adaptation of the City Hunter manga. The best adaptation was that of 2018 by Philippe Lacheau. It is a successful adaptation although it left me with an unsatisfied taste because there was not this particular atmosphere specific to Japan but above all I did not find the actor handsome. I saw it more as a good French comedy and a version adapted for those who are nostalgic for the Club Dorothée generation. So when I saw the trailer for City Hunter, I was excited to feel all that euphoria from the old days when I fell in love with Ryo Sabae. For me it’s the best version of my favorite fictional hero!

I watched it in the original version because then I could hear their real names Ryo Saeba / Kaori but I especially like the way they pronounce the word City Hunter in English with their Japanese accent! On the other hand, they subtitled the name with Larson, I found that rubbish. I watched the French version, Ryo’s voice suits him but they call him Nicky Larson and Laura. Personally I found this really rubbish because why keep the name Nicky/Laura when the new generation has grown up with much more successful dubbing. This is the only fault I criticize in this film. There is no problem in the English version, the names are respected.

If you don’t know this character, I invite you to discover the manga and the anime as well. There is some great music to listen to.

A successful adaptation!

I kept saying “How beautiful he is!” », “He’s so classy!” “. I loved all the fight scenes as well as seeing his dexterity with his gun. I loved all his slow motion or freeze frame scenes, it made me think of the manga. Tsukasa Hojo’s work has been well respected!
Actor Ryohei Suzuki plays his character to perfection. He gets excited easily at the sight of a pretty woman but he knows how to be serious when necessary. And in those moments, he has so much class! I really like these postures, it’s exactly him like in the manga! He is always one step ahead when you think there is no way out. He embodies the character perfectly. Very touching !

I liked his show in the cabaret because it was part of his nocturnal entertainment. It’s a nod to the manga for all the times he has no shame in showing off his body and he clearly has no complexes. This is what makes this atypical character charming and amusing and the director has adapted all his character traits so well.

The Stallion of Shinjuku

He lives up to his nickname of the Stallion of Shinjuku. Besides, I thought it was a very good idea to dress him up in a cowboy costume in order to give a nod to his many phallic eruptions in the manga.

I loved the scene where he is fully committed to protecting his client so that the vicious people cannot photograph the underside of her skirt. It’s all him, always making fun of a critical situation which makes it crazy!

City Hunter in 2024, what does it give ?

I really liked the way the film was able to adapt to our current times by introducing smartphones and the fashion for cosplay. So this helps explain why Kaori now has a club. In addition, the mode of cosplay is part of Japanese otaku culture, so I found the scenario very creative!

The ending left me wanting more from the first sound of this very catchy song “Get Wild”! I only wanted to see them on other adventures. It would be interesting to see the other fictional characters come to life such as Umibôzu and Miki, Saeko’s sisters, Kaori’s sister, and the clients who are all under Ryo’s spell… So I hope there will be a City Hunter 2!!!!

The song « Get wild »

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