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Voleuses (2023)

English title : Wingwomen

I had a nice surprise when I watched this film when it was released on Netflix. It is a friendly and entertaining action film telling the story of two thieves, Carole and Alex, and their driver Sam. This film is an adaptation of the comic book series “La Grande Odalisque” by authors Jérôme Mulot, Florent Ruppert and Bastien Vivès. I didn’t know this comic strip but I was able to see a few plates on the web, and I found that it was adapted to the cinema.

BD La Grande Odalisque Tome 1 et 2

This film is very entertaining, touching and made me smile. It’s a film that had a big impact on me because I haven’t seen many films highlighting female friendship. Often women who know how to fight and who evolve in this environment, they are often antisocial and often find themselves extremely alone and misunderstood. They don’t get attached to people and they don’t trust anyone. But this is different. We follow the daily life of the duo Carole and Axel. I loved the personalities of these women, their psychology but above all their complicity, their love with a capital A.

A beautiful story of friendship

I was charmed by the friendship between Carole and Alex throughout the film. They are clearly soul mates, getting along so well despite their differences. They take care of each other and I find their daily life quite amusing and funny, especially in the middle of a burglary. Nothing scares them! They are badass and I like that!

I have a weakness for the character Alex. Actress Adèle Exarchopoulos plays it to perfection, she is absolutely adorable. I think she has a special voice. I love their complicity, their deep and sincere love. I like their nice arguments because they reconcile very quickly, there is so much tenderness between them.

Like everyone else, they face problems. Carole wants to leave the “middle” but cannot do so because her Godmother is very persuasive! Alex wants to meet the man of her life but she can’t, she has a lack of love within herself which prevents her from loving the right people. Sam is grieving after losing the woman of his life. Their friendship is therefore a bonus in their life to face difficulties.

It’s a film that’s easy to watch. What I remember from this film is the beauty of female friendship, of unconditional love. It makes me want to live, to meet kindred spirits on my path of evolution and to cherish every friendship I maintain. I love Carole’s words below:

The important thing is not what you do but who you do it with!


Making-of the film

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