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Twin flames: Testimony of my flame Grégory

My name is Gregory. I am the one Hong-Gi called his soulmate and then his twin flame. Following our breakup, I also wanted to share our story. Let our two writings come together here. Hong-Gi’s and mine. I thought it made sense to share this. A meaning for me but also for my twin flame and also for its readers. I thought that the opposite, that is to say keeping it to yourself, made no sense, because on the one hand it was taking away its light (even though it is a beautiful story) and on the other hand not understanding that it could help other people.

The encounter

The evening I met my twin soul I had this very strong feeling of having already met her. I felt like I knew her. To have known her in a distant time. His face reminded me of someone. But I had no idea who. When I returned home (I was in a relationship at the time) I told my partner about this Chinese class I had just taken and I told her about the presence of this person that I had the strange feeling to know. The same evening I contacted her, I don’t know why, something really pushed me to do it. We spoke for three hours via text. This was the beginning of our daily exchanges. We talked throughout the day, every day, like two old friends. And this from day one. It was truly astonishing. I had never experienced anything like this.

The birth of a friendship

We quickly started seeing each other. The first time was at the media library to review our lessons. We had only known each other for a few days. Yet it was completely natural to find yourself there. We didn’t study much and instead we drew a shelf. Then we started our random walks through the city streets. Walk randomly, sit on a bench. In the same way it happened naturally. Likewise the silences which for me revealed our understanding. When we walked like this together, I noticed that we always made sure that nothing came between us. I had no opinion on it, I simply observed it, I found it amusing and pleasant. When we walked side by side like this, aimlessly, I felt this bubble around us, I could have walked like this for hours, there was something obvious in his presence at my side. We started to sit on benches. We stayed there for a long time. On a bench, I felt this same bubble that surrounded us, a space-time that belonged only to us. When I looked into her eyes I always had a very strange feeling, an indefinable emotion. It wasn’t an attraction, it was something else, as if I was trying to find something deep in his eyes, like a forgotten face, an amnesia and a desperate attempt to recognize the other. I didn’t feel physically attracted to my twin flame, not in the popular way, even though I always found her very beautiful of course. It remained completely platonic for me. I felt good in my relationship and she felt good in hers. There was a balance. Like my twin flame, I have always had very beautiful friendships with women and I have always known how to maintain these friendships. So building this new friendship seemed entirely possible to me and made me very happy. We had just arrived in the city and I didn’t know anyone.

This meeting enchanted me. We had so much in common, and so many differences in our lifestyles. But we shared the same mental universe. When we walked side by side, when we sat on a bench, we were in our bubble. Everything was so simple. So beautiful.

The appearance of the link

Very quickly, after just a few weeks, I started thinking about my twin flame when she was a child, very precisely when she was 9 or 10 years old. I had like images of her. I could picture it very clearly. Every time I thought of her as a child, these images of her were automatically associated with images of me as a child at the same time (we were born the same year, two months apart). I saw her as a child and the next moment I saw myself as a child at the same age and our two childhoods were combined, united without me knowing why. I saw myself in my room, I saw her on her island, and there was sadness in her. A great sadness. Each time it upset me and made me cry. I really didn’t understand what was happening to me. She never spoke to me about her childhood. I did not understand these associations of images which were made beyond my control. It was a very strong and uncontrollable feeling. I also remember the first time I consulted his blog and his drawings. Drawings of his daily life with funny little characters. Nothing sad about that. And yet when I saw his simple drawings they overwhelmed me with the same emotion and in the same way I started to cry. Once again I really didn’t understand what was happening to me. It continued like this, more and more strongly, more and more frequently. I really felt like I was going crazy and it wasn’t until several months later reading articles about the existence of twin flames that I thought maybe I wasn’t. We started writing to each other by email following his request while continuing to text each other all day long. In an email one evening, I asked her what she could have been doing when she was 9 years old and she was in her room and I was in mine. My question surprised her a lot. Because that age corresponded for her to a period when she was a victim of evil… Which I was completely unaware of at the time.

Little by little, a very special bond appeared. A bond in which many sensations and feelings were mixed. A link where past and present were constantly mixed. An increasingly strong desire for tenderness which appeared very clearly in front of the ocean.

One evening, at your house, we lay down on the sofa. We were facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes. You closed your eyes and then suddenly you snuggled into my arms. As if you had thrown yourself into me. Abandoned. When you came into my arms, I felt something I had never felt before. I had this feeling, very strong, very physical, of having found you, finally found you. It was a physical feeling. I had no idea what it meant or why I felt this way. I found you, finally. With this feeling that I had been looking for you for so long. I had this realization at that moment of having been looking for someone all these years and that that person was you. It was as if my whole life up until that moment took on meaning, found an explanation. All my choices, my attractions, my travels, my research. Everything suddenly made sense while you were snuggled in my arms.

After this experience, which I describe as divine, nothing was the same. It was like a door opening. The beginning of a story that is both wonderful but also very painful. This very strong attraction and at the same time this desire to flee without understanding why. This very strong and fascinating feeling of being face to face with oneself. This twinning that we even noticed in our physique, especially in our photos as children, but still today when we compare our hands, for example. This feeling also of being permanently inhabited by the other, of their permanent presence. These constant journeys between past and present, this incredible sensation with her of traveling in time, of going back in time and modifying it, of “building” new memories which appear to us today as real memories with today this real feeling of having grown up together in Tahiti, a happy childhood of which we keep many images.

But it was also, as my twin flame described in his article, the revelation of our wounds and the confrontation of our egos, all of which took us on a real emotional roller coaster, sometimes violent and often very painful, too painful. . Constantly moving from love to fear, almost sometimes to hatred… Without understanding. I really thought I was losing my mind, I thought I was crazy and in a crazy relationship. I was constantly looking for reasons for what was happening to me, for my behavior, my reactions, for rational explanations (and for his behavior and reactions too). Obviously all the rational explanations that I found and that I could give to my twin flame were erroneous. And what’s more, it led to even more tensions and confrontations and fears and anger. I had read these words on the internet regarding the difficulties encountered in this link: “Flee me, I am following you. Follow me I’m escaping you “. It’s exactly that. Without having any idea why, which is extremely difficult to live with.

Reading other testimonials on the internet helped me a lot and I thank the authors for that. This allowed me to understand that I was not alone in experiencing such a bond and that it was not an illusion, that I was not crazy, that we were not crazy.

The separation

A few days ago we separated, divided. We had very harsh words. But we also understood that we love each other. That nothing is an illusion. That all this love is true. I accepted that all of this, all that we were experiencing, was this twin flame bond. I understood that all my fears, all my doubts, were linked to this twin flame bond and that all the other reasons that I could find and invoke were only constructions of my mind which seeks to rationalize. I understood that I had to accept this link in its entirety, and not only in its incredibly beautiful aspects, but with all the stages that constitute it and therefore also those which are painful. I had read several times that among these stages there is that of separation, of the division of the flames. I think the term division is more accurate. Divided but not separated. I understood that I also had to accept this step.

Furthermore, it is not an end, it is an intermediate step, necessary for the reconstruction of oneself, which alone can lead to the final reunion with one’s twin flame, a reunion where each of oneself is full and healed. It is therefore, despite the immense sadness, the immense dismay, the immense loneliness felt, a step bringing hope.

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