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Intuitive watercolor drawing

A new creative world

I discovered watercolor painting thanks to my twin flame during my 100 day challenge: healing my emotional wounds and it helped me a lot in my reconstruction. Indeed, I had felt this strong need to develop my creative potential through my childish soul but I was lost because I didn’t know how to do it, having not had much motivation or inspiration for months . So I asked the Universe for help, and two days later my twin flame suggested we meet up to draw together. He talked to me about trying watercolor. I immediately liked it and then a few days later my younger daughter Meimei, who likes to draw, told me about taking inspiration from inktober.

And from there, everything fell into place naturally, my creativity and my inspiration manifested themselves. I am the first to be pleasantly surprised by this new creative potential that I didn’t know I had. I was able to step out of my creative comfort zone.

I was convinced that watercolor was inaccessible to me until I had perfectly mastered the basic drawing techniques (perspectives, light shadows, etc.) but that is not the case. I noticed that it was within my reach, you just have to be there and let yourself be carried away by your creativity like a child who draws before forming writing letters.

This is how I was able to breathe new life into my creativity, and it makes me feel good! I can now combine my watercolor drawings with those of my little characters drawn on the computer. For example this “Carps and fish” drawing inspired by the Inktober theme. Life is truly surprising with its synchronicities allowing me to once again plant new seeds in my secret garden. But above all, to think that my dream of creating a watercolor travel diary for my first trip (a return to my roots) will soon be within my reach, I have this joy within me!

A therapeutic art

Drawing has always been a therapeutic art for me. It once saved my life when dealing with maternal burnout and divorce. Then when I met my twin flame, my life was turned upside down by his presence because he constantly highlighted all my fears and blockages from the past forcing me to work on myself. I couldn’t draw like I used to, something was blocking me, I had to find another approach, draw differently. Once again, the answer came to me naturally. I thought about intuitive art because I knew that some people did soul readings through painting and I really liked the principle. Especially since I had the secret desire to heal people through my drawings. But I told myself that I had to try to heal myself first.

So I started talking to my inner self, my soul, my heart and my guardian angel to ask them to guide me through this intuitive drawing to… for example develop my creative potential.

I discover the pleasure of handling the brush and I find it pleasant, it’s a change from the pencil and stylus of a graphics tablet. I am always amazed to see the pretty nuances just by mixing the colors and the dosage of water, it opens up a thousand possibilities. I am amazed by the beauty of the colors I created!!! In addition, I let go of my mind and let myself be guided by my heart.

The end result is stunning. The first intuitive drawing was “the embrace” (made on 03/11/2020) this perfectly sums up my journey to heal myself emotionally! Amazing !
So I welcome with wonder the shapes and pretty things that I see through my drawings. And each time I find meaning and a message for me. I drew every day, curious to see my inner self expressed!

A treasure hidden deep inside me!

I felt this inner self as if I discovered hidden treasures within myself. I never thought that I could one day draw a heart, a parrot, a green alien… All of this came out of the vision of the world that I have in relation to my emotions… I wanted to share these with you messages which complement my articles found on this site “The treasures of life”. I immediately thought of making haikus to accompany my drawings, to immortalize this moment of connection with my inner self. Once again I found myself doing haikus without any blockage whereas previously I wanted to do them but I was blocked myself, thinking that I was not good enough.

I have a lot of fun like a child who has to decipher a hidden treasure and transcribe it into a coded message in the form of haikus. Everything made sense to me. It’s a beautiful inner journey that I’m experiencing and that I will continue for as long as possible, as long as it works and does me good!

How to make an intuitive drawing?

I present to you the small equipment that I use. I just have one small comment to make regarding the weight of my sheet. It is strongly recommended to use 300g/m² paper so that the water adheres well to the sheet. As far as I am concerned, a slightly lower weight suits me for my intuitive drawings because I do not put layers of colors on my drawings. The final result satisfies me for the moment.

This intuitive drawing invites me to revel in the fruits of my efforts. There is a time for everything, a time for effort but also a time for comfort. I must be proud of my small steps and fully welcome the surprises of life like this powerful eagle which is satisfied with its prey and always keeping a piercing and lucid look at the world.

Do not hesitate to follow the feed of my blog “The Magic of Another World” where you will find new intuitive drawings with my haikus and reflections.

The benefits of intuitive drawing

I invite you to try making intuitive drawings for fun! I will explain to you the benefits that this has brought me personally.

  • Intuitive art stimulates our imagination because it does not lock us into rules, it is our vision of life that is limiting. Choosing colors that attract us without thinking about the form that the design will take, we end up with, for example, animals that are not dressed in their original color.

  • This allows us to understand ourselves better because their interpretation reveals our state of mind. For example I noticed when I have doubts, I find myself drawing dragons, dinosaurs and aliens which remind me to change my vision of things and to always marvel through these fantastic animals and explore the imagination and immensity. When I am well I see animals of all kinds which guide me by their symbolism and that of their colors. Everything is perhaps just an interpretation, but the most important thing is how it speaks to you, what it evokes for you, an idea, a thought, a journey…

  • It’s painting without thinking about anything else. You can even paint when you’re tired, it’s invigorating. This brings serenity, inner peace. This allows you to let go and be in the present moment.

  • Intuitive art is the connection with the soul of the world. I draw things I wouldn’t have thought of drawing and it makes me happy every time! Then proudly showing them to my daughters! I have the feeling of feeling full by feeling inhabited by the soul of the world through the forms that come to life. I said to myself “Oh I carry the soul of the world within me!” so how could I feel alone? » Moreover, I felt within myself a whisper which told me that every living being on Earth must be respected. It’s a lovely inner journey.

Intuitive drawing is, for me, one of the keys to entering an invisible and infinite world! Try it, and you will be very surprised! So are you tempted by intuitive drawing? Or are you already doing it?

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