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Oracle Cards & 100 Day Challenge

After having told you about my passion for tarology, I will now tell you about my passion for oracle cards, the use of which differs a little from that of Tarot cards. I often use them by drawing a card during the day in order to absorb its pretty message which can accompany me during the day. It’s like having a good intention.

After working on myself with my very first oracle cards “Messages from your Twin Flame”, I had the idea of having other oracle cards to encourage my goals that I had set for myself with the 100 day challenge . So I asked my daughters to give them to me and then it was the opportunity for me to enthusiastically express to them my great interest in divination cards:

Nice messages and beautiful images

Here, for example, are the oracle cards that I used in my 100 day challenges:

During my “emotional healing” challenge: I used the “Whispers of Healing” cards, they are very beautiful with the cover which reminds me of my “Princess Butterfly” state of mind. The message is to emerge from your chrysalis of fears and doubts to transform into a pretty butterfly!

I used the Oracle of Sacred Rebels in my “Completeness” challenge to reclaim my full power in order to remain unique and authentic. He helped me get over my breakup with Peter Pan by practicing reiki accompanied by powerful healing words from the cards.

I used the Enchanted Flower Oracle during my 100 day “Authenticity” challenge. I was haunted by butterflies and I wanted to know the names of the flowers and the names of the butterflies in a fun and informative way in addition to bringing me pretty messages! I cultivate this beauty in me.

In the principle of the 100 day challenge, it is advisable to make positive affirmations and good intentions for our day. There are days when my indoor weather is not good. So these cards are welcome, it’s like a bonus in my life in addition to being visually very beautiful! Currently I am on my 100 day “Inner Child” challenge and the oracle cards that accompany me are “The Doors of Intuition” by Vanessa Mielczareck & Brigitte Barberan.

I get real pleasure from searching like a treasure for the next oracle card that will accompany me on my next 100 steps. I thus let magic in by opening a door to imagination and creativity. This is for me a source of inspiration for my personal development and I never tire of it.

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