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The Phantom of the Opera: the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber (1986)

I share with you my crush on this musical by Andrew Lloyd where I find the voice of his ex-wife Sarah Brightman sublime, angelic and enchanting!

All the voices are beautiful and it thrills me. Through the English lyrics (thanks to the CD booklet) I could therefore roughly know the tragic story of this ghost of the opera. It was only after the 1990 TV film was released on television in Tahiti that I was able to savor this beautiful love story. It made me want to go to the Opera, to go to France to see Garnier’s Opera even though I knew that this might be impossible because the metropolis was the other side of the world for me. I live in France but I still haven’t made this dream come true. Now there is an official “The Phantom of the Opera” website: This musical is timeless!

Musical comedy with Sierra Boggess (Christine) & Ramin Karimloo (Erik)

I really like the emotion that emerges there. It is really beautiful !

The movie theater

Tony Richardson television film in 2 parts “The Phantom of the Opera” (1990)

I think it’s the best adaptation of the Phantom of the Opera story. I was very happy to have known her before the musical. So I was won over by the characters and the story. The locations take place in Paris at the Opéra Garnier with the presence of French actors (for example Anne Ramanoff, whom I knew more as a comedian than an actress at the time).

Film by Joël Schumacher “The Phantom of the Opera” (2004)

binary comment

The musical comedy in film adaptation is very beautiful. Everything is visually stunning. A fairy tale. And then I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could discover for the first time all the songs in French which are also very good but my preference remains for the English version, this angelic voice which rocked my childhood by Sarah Brightman. I really like the French voice of Christine Daée played by Cécilia Cara.

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