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Marry my husband (2021)

[Webtoon] Marry my Husband 내 남편과 결혼해줘 – Korea (2021)

I discovered this great webtoon during my stay in Tahiti-Moorea. It had become my little ritual before going to bed to watch episodes of webtoons. So I’m going to tell you about my favorite “Marry my Husband”, a beautiful science fiction love story and personal accomplishment.

This is the story of Jiwon Kang, a 37-year-old woman who is at the end of her life. She has cancer and is staying in the hospital. Her husband Minhwan Park doesn’t even come to visit her and ignores her phone messages so she decides to come home unexpectedly. She finds her husband in bed with her best friend Soomin Jeong! They are rejoicing about being able to benefit from Jiwon’s life insurance. She screams and threatens them but she dies from her husband’s blows… like that…! She thought of the promise she had made to her father (who died of cancer) who asked her “Be happy, really”! She wakes up from this nightmare and realizes that time has gone back 10 years to the past. It’s an unexpected miracle! She thus sets up her revenge and will do everything so that her best friend becomes Minhwan’s wife!

I find this webtoon perfect. I like the style of the drawing, the storyline and the personality of each character. The villain is truly a psycho, undeniably toxic and perverse. So it’s very enjoyable for the reader to see the way Jiwon will do to change her destiny without losing sight of the promise she made to her father to be happy.

I don’t find this story of revenge toxic for oneself, I find it very fair because Jiwon wants to regain his dignity by ensuring that the two lovers do not get away with impunity while they feel no remorse. This is infuriating. As a result, I really enjoy seeing her transform into a strong woman where she doesn’t give anyone the power to crush and humiliate her again.

The heroine Jiwon Kang

Change yourself to be happy

I really like this heroine. She is humanly fair in her emotions. She was not consumed by hatred, on the contrary, she demonstrated great emotional intelligence. Every action she performs clearly reminds me of Einstein’s quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!” “. Jiwon is proof of that and I think we can take inspiration from this heroine. Jiwon has some tough times to overcome where she still had tears to shed. This actually touched me. The memory of his tragic death was traumatic for him. So I can understand his fear or disgust when Minhwan grabs him or shows him affection.

I like to listen to his little inner voice which makes him aware that he needs to change his way of operating. For example, when Chef Jihyuk Yoo offered her breakfast that he had bought in excess, she refused immediately by saying “No, thank you” but then she changed her mind because his little voice made her aware of stop systematically refusing! His little voice said to him, “Now I can also live by receiving a little from others, right? “. She decides to say afterwards “Thank you Chef” with a big smile. Every time she smiles, she totally glows! It’s a sign of a beautiful self-transformation.

So I have a lot of pleasure seeing it transform naturally like a caterpillar that becomes a pretty butterfly. By changing herself, she began to open up to others and began to notice things she hadn’t paid attention to. Like having such good work colleagues (Ms. Kang and Miss Yoo) who really appreciate her. But above all Jiwon got closer to her Boss Jihyuk even though she found him cold and distant. Which also makes Soomin and Minhwan jealous because they can’t tolerate other people paying attention to her. She whom they consider inferior to them, she has no right to be in the spotlight.

Jiwon had a heavy heart because despite her transformation into a pretty butterfly, that didn’t stop Minhwan from cheating on her with Soomin. It was inevitable. She couldn’t change that. This is proof that these two people will never change because they are obsessed with their personal ambition.

I actually saw a butterfly appear in this webtoon. This was a big surprise for me because I was experiencing the magic of the universe. I found the presence of this butterfly in a large luxury hotel illogical? There can’t be insects, right?

This scene (which I find strange) marks the beginning of a romance with her Boss 🙂 I like discovering these adorable moments which mean that their relationship is evolving favorably, very slowly, love is beginning to blossom. ‘install.

Jiwon gives us clues towards his personal realization. She therefore changed so as to never again be stuck in the vicious and tragic circle that she experienced in the past. She dares to ask for help and is no longer isolated at all. His world no longer revolves around Minhwan and Soomin. She knows how to protect herself now.

Chef Jihyuk Yoo

A trustworthy person

I really like Chef Jihyuk Yoo’s personality. At first he seemed cold and distant but little by little we realize that he cares a lot about Jiwon. He saw what was going on between Minhwan and Soomin, flirting behind Jiwon’s back. But Jiwon didn’t see anything and that annoyed him a lot. So seeing her avoiding Minhwan, he took the opportunity to help her in delicate situations. This is how, little by little, he began to open up to her and offer her support. And then as soon as a man says “Don’t cry alone in your corner…”. To me, he’s definitely a person who truly cares about Jiwon’s well-being and wants to be a part of his life. We suspect that he is secretly in love with Jiwon through these words and has been for years. He is truly a gentleman who is very attentive and considerate. It is not at all invasive. He is simply there for her, always when she needs it, a shoulder to lean on.

Furthermore, I consider that every love story is always a story of destiny, there is always a link that allowed them to meet, the connection. Here, the link that unites them is Pang, the Chef’s cat! Jiwon completely falls for Pang and her boss allows her to come visit her cat whenever she wants. It’s really cute to see them draw in chibi. Jiwon discovers the adorable and cute side of his Chef!

I have a lot of fun watching them fall in love and being together. The scene where they kiss for the first time is very romantic. I really like their couple space. Together they face adversity (the twisted blows of Minhwan and Soomin) and support each other in all circumstances. They are such a loving and fulfilled couple that I never tire of following their daily life. Their daily metro-work-sleep life seems so romantic to me!

The toxic couple

These two people are truly horrible. Park Mihwan is really a bad guy. And Soomin a really dangerous and malicious person. Both of them take advantage of Jiwon’s kindness for his money both during his lifetime and his death. He has already been unfaithful to Jiwon with other women long before his affair with Soomin. Minhwan’s parents are as horrible as he is, not letting their future daughter-in-law follow her desires.

Soomin is a child who really had a difficult childhood, unloved, rejected by her mother who treated her as useless. So when she met Jiwon who is happy, raised alone by her father and so happy, she couldn’t bear to see Jiwon’s happiness. She was so jealous that she spent her life humiliating him. Jiwon was her advantage by making her go through hell under the guise of a pseudo-friendship. She is an incredible manipulator who can cry on command and play the victim, bribing people with lies. It’s truly incredible that anyone can be fooled by her lies and her appearance as a sweet and kind girl.

Both were unmasked by their so-called victims. Faced with their failure, they become dangerous because they cannot bear the feeling of no longer being in the spotlight. They cannot bear to see their victim escape them so they have no other choice but to use physical violence or murder. This is frightening.

From my experience, Jiwon did the right thing by cutting all ties with Minhwan and Soomin because it’s really not healthy to be around these kinds of people. Everything Jiwon felt in difficult situations with them, I felt in my personal life. I congratulate the author who was able to establish the perverse psychology of these two characters brilliantly and accurately. It also shows that if we were not resilient in our childhood, we become a wounded adult and incompetent to relate to others.

Can we change the past?

The suspense is very present, that’s what spices up this webtoon. When we go back to the past, we ignore the consequences of our actions. What impact will it have in the future? Normally there is a natural law, right? When one’s misfortune must be passed on to another person? Is she stealing another person’s chances? But above all, will Minhwan and Soomin leave Jiwon alone or not? There is suspense and quite a few unexpected twists and turns. The storyline is well done. We’re not bored. Each time we want to read the rest of the story.

Do we have a second chance?

So I was happy to have read such a webcomic, very mature without ever falling into hatred and violence. Jiwon’s life was changed but it also had an impact on the lives of other people around him who were also transformed, towards the positive. It’s very beautiful to see because she lives in a healthy environment and in a virtuous circle rather than a vicious one!

Marry my Husband is therefore a very beautiful life lesson which makes us realize that we alone have the power to make ourselves happy. So I liked the title of this webtoon. It wasn’t worth keeping such a vile husband if someone else wanted her too. This is what is terribly sad because Jiwon has changed but his fiancé has not changed one iota. Minhwa realized too late what he lost, he regrets it terribly. And of course her rage will be turned towards Jiwon for not taking her share of responsibility and of course was also manipulated by Soomin, so that he hates her.

This webtoon is timely because it resonates with my experiences with the return of toxic people in my life. If you don’t like your current life then find the strength to change. Jiwon only understood this after his death and had the chance to live differently. But we won’t have this miracle of going back in time, so let’s try like her, to live this life, without regret, performing a miracle every day of our lives. Toxicity was present in every sphere of Jiwon’s life, friendly, romantic but also family. So I was very happy to see the way she cleaned the house, the way she resolved the problem with her mother who is just as horrible. It is clear that no parent has the right to harm him. Jiwon is for me a great example of personal achievement. A perfect webcomic that I highly recommend! I know you won’t be disappointed!

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