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Tarot Fox by Célia Melesville

I present you my very first tarot that I chose to devote myself to fortune-telling. I needed cards other than the classic Tarot de Marseille, that would make me vibrate and that spoke to me, without which I would have difficulties in letting my intuition express itself. So I immediately fell in love with these cards from the Fox Tarot by Celia Melesville. I really liked them because they are painted in watercolour and this was a source of motivation for me, telling me that one day I could also make beautiful drawings painted in watercolour.

The Major Arcana

I reveal to you the major arcana so that you can project yourself in the evolution of this fox on his life path, from his birth to his self-knowledge.

The Fool, The Bateleur, The Papess, The Empress
The Emperor, The Pope, The Lovers, The Chariot

The Force, The Hierophant, The Wheel of Fortune, Justice
The Hangman, The Nameless Arcanum, Temperance

The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon
The Sun, The Judgement, The World, The Authenticity

The map of my state of mind


My favourite card is the temperance card which is a symbol of healing and harmony. It spoke to me a lot during my 100 day emotional healing challenge. It is really beautiful and I saw a lot of nice messages about learning to balance my emotions, and finding harmony in all my inner turmoil.

I liked to see this corner of water which takes the form of the Yin Yang principle which is an inseparable couple of life that I must accept in its sense, in its opposite and its complementarity. The vixen is inhabited by an inner peace, self-love and love of the whole that forms life with its yin-yang side. It is therefore this state of inner well-being that I seek in order to be able to get out of my emotional torments and fogs.

My favourite cards

The sunny cards

9 of Pentacles, the Sun, the World, Temperance

When I look at these cards, it reminds me of harmony with everything around me. It is a path to the fulfilment of one’s personal legend.

Exploration cards

I love these cards which awaken my adventurous and treasure hunting side of life. Treasures that are to be shared with the people who matter to me but also a return on oneself.

Fear and transformation cards

4 of cups, 10 of sticks, 10 of sticks, the Devil

These are the cards that often represent my blockages: being nostalgic for the joys of the past, carrying everything on my shoulders, not being able to see the end of the tunnel to get out of the trials… But the devil is also about giving yourself the courage to face your fears and get up no matter what.

What about you? Tell me which card speaks to you?

The world of Celia Melesville

I let you discover the website of the author of the cards Celia Melesville 🙂

Her latest creation of tarot cards under the theme of a ghost makes me too envious. It’s so cute. It’s called Boo Tarot : Boo Tarot youtube presentation 🙂 I really like her drawing style which awakens my childish soul so well!

I subscribe to her youtube channel because I can find presentations of his favourite divination cards as well as other inspiring tips. I really like the logo of her youtube videos with the watercolour brush. There is a softness in it and it is good to be carried away.

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