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Crash Landing on You (2019)

[K-Drama] Crash Landing on You – 16 episodes – Netflix

A little personal aside

This drama has a very special place in my life. I watched it during my dark night of the soul period caused by the twin flame journey. I thought that watching this drama could make me change my mind, especially since it was my brother who recommended it to me (and coming from him, I know that I will always like it) in addition to liking the actress Song Ye Jin. This was not a good idea at all, this drama devastated me since it acted as a mirror linked to my love story with my twin flame. In this “dark night of the soul” stage, I felt everything, to the power of a thousand, this drama made me cry my eyes out. I thought I would never be able to stop crying because it was so intense and overwhelming. I had to stop watching it so as not to sink in. So it took me months to get back into this drama.

La chanson « Flower » de Yoon Mi Rae

The song “Flower” is very beautiful and is even more so when you try to find the meaning of the lyrics. These are truly pretty sung words of love that have planted themselves in me like a flower. The other songs on the album are also very beautiful and accompany each important moment of the drama well.

Two universes = one destiny

This is the story of Yun Se Ri, a businesswoman who runs a fashion company. She decides to test her new line of extreme sports clothing herself by paragliding. That day the weather was very bad, a tornado caused him to land in North Korea. She is spotted by Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok who tries to take her to the station for questioning. She runs away and arrives at a village. She is saved by the Captain who takes her under his wing with the complicity of his men in order to protect her. They will do anything to bring her home.

The first part of the drama therefore takes place in North Korea. Through Yun Se Ri we will discover life there and learn about the world of Captain Ri Jeong Hyok in his village. A village where people live in the old days. Then the second part of the drama is Se Ri’s return to South Korea, it is now Captain Ri Jeong Hyok’s turn to discover Yun Se Ri’s world.

So I found it very beautiful to see bonds of friendship being created despite their cultural difference. The drama did not give a bad image of North Korea. So I found it great, on the contrary, Se Ri hopes that there would be a reunification of the two countries, it is only in this way that they can see each other again. It’s quite sad because we know that they will never see each other so there have been constant twists and turns, unexpected events and heartbreaking goodbyes. By going through difficulties together, everyone became attached to Se Ri. The love grew every day between them, with or without each other. Love seems unalterable. The lovebirds have gone through so many obstacles together that we can’t imagine them being separated! It’s really frustrating that they can’t fully experience their love. This is what makes this drama so beautiful and intense, it is the strength of their love which endures over time.

The first thing that struck me in this drama is the many synchronicities that are revealed throughout the episodes. Se Ri and Captain Ri realize that it is truly their destiny to meet! These are not mere coincidences, it is their destiny. All this may seem “silly” to you because it’s just a drama. But I can assure you that it is possible to experience so much synchronicity because I experienced it with my twin flame. This is beyond comprehension. I felt like a drama heroine when I met my twin flame.

Yun Se Ri

Yun Se Ri is a rich heiress, in addition to being a businesswoman who owns 14 branches in the fashion industry. She has a very bad temper and is called a “star whim”. So I really liked the way she adapted to North Korea, which is very far from her luxurious life. I am impressed by his courage and composure. She threatened Captain Ri and his 4 subordinates to report them for not doing their job well if they handed her over to Security. It’s quite funny. We can tell that Se Ri has the mind of a business leader, and she knows how to make herself heard!

The 4 soldiers are really endearing and funny and stand out with their personalities. There is Chief Sergeant Pyo Chi Su with whom she often argues because he likes to break her. Lieutenant Park Gwang Beom, Sergeant Kim Ju Meok (the one who is a huge fan of South Korean dramas) and Private Geum Eun Dong (he is the youngest and he is 17 years old). They are all very endearing and attached to Se Ri whom they consider to be their sister. It is all the more pleasing to see these bonds being forged knowing her great loneliness in South Korea because she is hated by her family. So I really enjoyed these moments of sharing with them. Despite all the bad times she had to go through, she was not alone, everyone watched over her, especially Captain Ri who witnessed her tears, he was very considerate and attentive.

She is truly a strong woman who knows how to keep her cool in difficult situations. She doesn’t hesitate to cry if necessary, a good cry and then she moves on to something else. She really doesn’t let herself get down and I like this character trait. I like her introspection, she seems to have (always) taken the wrong train (being in North Korea) but ultimately it’s not such a horrible nightmare. The most important thing is to be happy and whatever train (good or bad train) we take. It is therefore important to believe in our better future and to arrive at our destination in order to be able to take another train, which will finally take us to the destination we want.

His relationship with his mother is complicated and it really touched me. She is a mother who wants to give herself a chance to be with her daughter, to be there for her, but each time there has always been bad timing. And this creates terrible misunderstandings, often linked to our inner wounds. There is a scene that touched me deeply (it’s romantic too!).

Se Ri got lost at the market and can no longer find her comrades. In the darkness, she felt abandoned, it made her relive an emotion/situation from her childhood. And there she sees a candle in the distance and she goes towards this light. It was Captain Ri who found this way to find her. I found this very symbolic. He knew she would know it was him! I loved this emotional connection, the beginnings of romantic feelings. She’s really a very interesting character because she evolves in a positive way without being a “star whim”.

Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok

Actor Hyun Bin is one hell of a handsome man and very popular. I saw his film “Confidential Assignment” (2017) where I found him so handsome and sexy (he reminded me of the character John Reese in Person of Interest). In this 2017 film he is in the shoes of a soldier in North Korea, and in addition his superior is played by the actor Jeon Kuk-Hwan, whom I had the pleasure of finding together in the drama where he plays the role of his father. I was happy that a director developed his acting a little more as a soldier in a romantic drama.

Hyun Bin therefore plays his role of a military officer wonderfully well, cold, authoritarian and indifferent. He wears the uniform so well!!! But she is a touching, considerate and attentive person. We can only be won over by these gestures and actions of love. His love for Se Ri is very beautiful. There is incredible chemistry between them! So beautiful and striking!

He is a person who has principles and who follows through on his convictions and keeps his promises. He has an older brother Ri Mu Hyoek who died and whose death remains a mystery. He tries to investigate in secret and becomes a nuisance to Homeland Security. We will therefore discover his past, his life before becoming a soldier. And we will, just like these two lovebirds, understand that their meeting is a story of destiny! Their relationship is so beautiful, their love, so big and strong! There are lots of little actions that make us fall in love with this couple!

Their Destiny!

This drama is therefore a very beautiful love story. She is even more beautiful when I learned that Hyun Bin and Seong Ye Jin are dating and are going to get married soon. I am a fan of this actress and have seen almost all of her films and dramas. She always played with very popular men and each time I was envious and I told myself that at some point love will knock on her door, right? This day has finally arrived, Hyun Bin is the one of his heart. And at 40, she got married (it was March 31, 2022). I am very happy for this couple, they are really beautiful people.

A beautiful story of destiny that I recommend to you which made me cry a lot because their love is so beautiful and we only want their love to be possible! Is that the case ?

What is life like in North Korea?

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