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Happiness within my make-believe Houses de William Sim

I discovered this artist William Sim on Instagram and I fell in love with these little houses which are adorable as if painted in watercolor. It’s as if I discovered lots of possible and imaginable little corners of paradise, inviting my mind not to compartmentalize myself but to feel both free and safe in the fact that there are so few walls in these houses. . All you need is a roof and essential items. This creates a connection to my soul, an inner-outer harmony.

I can imagine building two or three of these types of houses on my land in Tahiti. It gives me the impression of living like the Smurfs in their mushroom house, living in harmony with nature, in connection with others. So last year I asked the author if he had a book bringing together his illustrations, he told me that it was not planned. The author asked me, if one day I managed to build a house inspired by his little houses, to let him know. And it is with great joy to see that he has made an art book! I got it straight away.

For the record, author William Sim drew his little houses during confinement. It’s true that during confinement, some people realize how much they would like to be stuck elsewhere and/or with the right people. This forced them to rethink their home, do they really feel comfortable at home? And you ? Do you really feel good at home? I’m sharing with you the drawings that made me vibrate, for which I fell in love!

The Butterfly effect (n° 7/100)

The appeal of my Asian origins is there, and I like this decoration with images of butterflies, a symbol of longevity and happiness for the Chinese. I especially think of the legend of the butterfly lovers, preferring to die than to be separated. So imagine homes where butterfly lovers can love each other in complete freedom!

Going Bananas (n° 8/100)

When I see a banana tree, it immediately takes me back to my childhood where we had banana trees on our land. I was often entrusted with making Tahitian-style banana pancakes. It always feels strange to have to buy bananas in mainland France…
I remember my mother cooking with her large wok outside in an open space like in this illustration where there is no need for a hood. It’s really very practical!

Home weaving (n° 17/100)

It makes me think of the Tahitian chestnut trees that were in our neighborhood 30 years ago. I remember my mother cooking these chestnuts called māpē for us! As a child, I never dared to venture inside these chestnut trees even though it intrigued me. This rather frightened me because it was like entering the heart of a big forest (as a child I saw it as big!). This image reminds me of this emotion that I had as a child. In the darkness, it is possible that there is a light hidden there, a pretty little refuge… Who knows?

The tree hugger & The takeaway (n° 50-51/100)

I have always loved treehouses. It is a way of reaching heaven with humility. I also like wooden houses. I think the author has the soul of an interior designer!

Heaven is a place on earth (n° 75/100)

This is my favorite drawing: a house in the shape of a teacup which reminds me of a haven of peace to take care of yourself and savor delicious things. I already really liked the title of this illustration. I think that on this Earth, we all have our place, our little corner of paradise. I can imagine having my snack with tea then taking a dip in a natural hot water spring. In connection with nature, water and earth.

What is your favorite among my favorites?
In its book review site, it writes that “This book seeks to illustrate that freedom is often a state of mind that we can choose to experience, rather than simply a state of being. » I find that I actually fully felt this freedom to be authentic at home. I’m curious to know what your little dream house looks like?! Imagine it in the style of William Sim, minimalist.

William Sim’s website

I like the artist’s logo, it’s a seller of happiness!

His website:

His Instagram page:

So you can see on his Instagram page full of houses that are not in the art book, with houses with more floors, with more objects, the artist is evolving and it is more and more imaginative and detailed. A feast for the eyes, to take the time to observe each object that makes up the house. I also have fun spotting the character with a watermelon helmet (it’s the artist) but also his gray tabby cat, which reminds me of my cat Capucine.

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