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Cultivate Gratitude

Say thank you

As children, we were instilled in the habit of saying thank you, it is a basic rule of politeness transmitted by our family. Saying thank you means making others understand that we are grateful for what we have received from them: a compliment, a service, a gift, etc.

I’m going to talk to you about gratitude. This is different from a simple polite thank you. I discovered the word Gratitude in full awareness thanks to my practice of the 100 day challenge. This allowed me to see life differently because we thank people but we forget to be grateful for the things that life brings us. Although I am experiencing unpleasant moments, I realized that life has still spoiled me. I can only be proud of my life path.

By knowing the power of gratitude, the word “THANK YOU” becomes a magic word when you put emotion into it! I make sure my heart speaks!

Gratitude changed my life

I had a very difficult time and was envious of the happiness and success of others. I wondered why I wasn’t also entitled to happiness? The practice of my gratitude proposed by the 100 day challenge is very simple. Just before going to sleep, we just need to remember the good moments of our day and to fully consciously feel how lucky we are to be able to experience them.

It’s a habit to cultivate on a daily basis that truly transforms our outlook on life. I think cultivating gratitude is an essential practice that goes hand in hand with learning to love yourself. It’s a powerful tool for being happy. Living in gratitude means having confidence in life!

The benefits of gratitude

  • We are grateful for what we have instead of languishing over what we don’t have. We are thus less frustrated and less stressed. We can see in the most insignificant things the value they represent for us.

  • This helps us to better overcome challenges since we are able to draw the positive from the negative! We are able to move forward thanks to positive thoughts, without being blocked by negative thoughts.

  • We feel better in our everyday lives. We enjoy our daily lives and we have better relationships with others. We take the time to love and congratulate ourselves!

  • We gain confidence in ourselves, in our ability to love our life, each small action of which is a source of gratitude. We live in the present moment.

  • We are healthier. You will find several studies carried out which confirm this reality. It is therefore a natural antidote against discomfort. Just like joy and smiles are contagious emotions that must be cultivated.

For all these reasons, I therefore continue to cultivate this way of thinking so that I can continue to discover the treasures of others, to see my nuggets of happiness and to see that the world is full of treasures. Life is therefore neither good nor bad, it is our vision that must be changed. Of course I practice it every day, but that doesn’t mean that I’m swimming in happiness all the time, it’s just that negative emotions don’t overwhelm me too much, it helps me keep smiling.

Up to you !

I invite you to keep a gratitude notebook that you will take care to decorate and fill it with pretty memories full of gratitude. Feel it for each of them, and thank them sincerely!

List your gratitudes in each area of your life (work, leisure, family).

You can name this notebook other than “GRATITUDE”, a word which may seem too abstract… We can replace it with “My little pleasures”, or with “My nuggets of happiness” or otherwise with “little surprises” which makes me think of one of my friends. She made me smile when I heard her say to me during our walk: “We’re going to pass by there because last time I saw a little surprise and I want you to see that.” So I was happy for this friend.

You can of course not write it down and just think about it, just remembering the positive points of your day is enough.

Pay attention to the people around you. Be happy for them when they share their joy with you. Congratulate them, encourage them. It is also a form of gratitude to be happy for them as they are for us.

Don’t hesitate to say THANK YOU! Say thank you with sincerity like a sincere smile. It always pleases us and warms our hearts.

For further…

I invite you to write a letter of gratitude to a person who has mattered in your life or is important to you. You can send it, or keep it close to you. Write down what it has brought you and the positive impact it has had on helping you build on your life path. It’s never too late to feel grateful!

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